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Auden loved all kinds of music, from opera and nursery rhymes to blues and Berlin cabaret.

Here Valentine Cunningham explores Audens musical influences and considers how music helped to produce some of his most subversive work.

Poetry and music have always gone together.

And of all the great modern poets who have kept alive the ancient alliance between poetry and singing, there's no one to beat.

Auden sang without stop.

We've all, he said on one of the many public occasions when he talked about music, experienced occasions when, as we say, we felt like singing.

He thought composers the most enviable of artists because: Only your song is an absolute gift.

That's in his sonnet The Composer, which praises song for being artistic perfection.

In his long poem Letter to Lord Byron he tells us that when it comes to expressing the heart-felt exultations and the short despairs, a musician is required: Bach, say, or Schubert.

Auden doted on opera, too.

Opera's plots might be daft, he said, their performers ludicrous fatties in funny frocks, but it tells the truth about love.

No surprise, then, that Auden's poetic career should be one long effort to get his writing as close as could be to the condition of music.

He poured out songs, ballads and lullabies.

He collaborated with composers.

One of his strongest poetic times was in the 1930s, writing love lyrics for.

Benjamin Britten to set (many of them, of course, addressed to Britten).

He translated libretti into English and was a keen librettist in his own right, providing the words for Britten in the American operetta.

Paul Bunyan, for Hans Werner Henze.

Elegy for Young Lovers and, the Bassarids, and for, stravinsky in, the Rake's Progress.

Vulgar means, so far, so posh.
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