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By addressing we mean storing, manipulating and formatting postal addresses, meant to identify a precise recipient location for shipping or billing purposes.

On eCommerce sites in general, when going through checkout customers are often annoyed by US-centric address forms.

When interviewed about cart abandonment, this topic comes up time and time again.

However, localizing an address form takes more effort than deciding whether a label should read Postal code.

Address formats, each country has a different address format that tells us: Which fields are used in which order (Is there a state field?

Does the zip code come before the city?

Which fields are required, which fields need to be uppercased for the actual mailing to facilitate automated sorting of mail.

The labels for the administrative area (state, province, parish, etc.

and the postal code (Postal code or ZIP code).

Validation rules for postal codes, usually in the form of a regular expression.

In countries using a non-latin script (such as China, Taiwan, Korea the order of fields varies based on the language/script used.

Addresses written in latin script follow the minor-to-major order (start with the street, end with the country) while addresses written in the chinese script follow the major-to-minor order (start with the country, end with the street).

All this needs to be taken into account when generating and validating an address form.

Selecting a different country requires re-rendering the address form using a different format.

The address format is usually described on the site of the national post office, but collecting the data still requires a lot of manual browsing, translation, and research.

Subdivisions, a country can have several levels of subdivisions that are used for addressing.

In the United States that would be the state.

In Brazil it would be the state and the municipality.
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